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Top Songs Of 2012

The song has received positive reviews from critics who complimented the song’s effective lyrics and chorus, and commended Ludacris’ part and the song’s ability to have an urban twist.

Most Visited Websites 2011-2012

Google Search or Google Web Search is a web search engine owned by Google Inc. Google Search is the most-used search engine on the World Wide Web, receiving several hundred million queries each day through its various services.

History of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg wrote Facemash, the predecessor to Facebook, on October 28, 2003, while attending Harvard as a sophomore. According to The Harvard Crimson, the site was comparable to Hot or Not, and "used photos compiled from the online facebooks of nine houses.

Airtel 3G 70% less in Kerala Plans

First time users please follow the steps as given below to go 3G in Kerala:- » Select network settings to "automatic" on your handset » Choose "3G only mode" and wait for network registration. » After registration and seeing 3G network on your handset, Select "Dual Mode" or "3G and 2G mode" to enjoy 3G .

Aakash Tablet is Available For Booking

You can Order your Aakash Tablet now. The long wait for Aakash Tablet is now over. Now you can book your Aakash Tablet online which will be delivered within a week from the day of booking. Aakash was the most awaited Indian Tablet, which took many people’s attention all over the world.

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Showing posts with label Windows 8. Show all posts

Windows IE10-For Windows 7?


A Microsoft spokeswoman today confirmed that the company is committed to producing a Windows 7 edition of IE10. But users want to know more, including when.
"I do have the latest Windows 8 Release Preview but I am wondering what is taking so long for IE10 to be available for testing on Windows 7," asked a user earlier this month on Microsoft's IE10 support forum.
Last November, Microsoft said it would ship beta and RC, or "release candidate," builds of IE10 for the current OS. "We will release an IE10 Beta and Release Candidate on Windows 7 prior to IE10's general availability," said a commenter labeled as "ieblog" -- presumably Microsoft itself -- in a Nov. 29, 2011, blog post by the team.
Windows 10 

Internet Explorer- Which on Windows 8

Internet Explorer 9.svg

IE10 Desktop.PNG


Windows Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) is the next version of Internet Explorer currently being developed by Microsoft, and the successor to Internet Explorer 9. On 12 April 2011, Microsoft released the first "IE10 Platform Preview", which runs only on Windows 7 and later;. While the second platform preview was also available for Windows 7 and later, subsequent platform previews run only on Windows 8. The release, only four weeks after the final release of Internet Explorer 9, has been noted as a fast release cycle in the context of the new browser wars. IE10 expands on Internet Explorer 9 functionality in regards to CSS 3 uptake, hardware acceleration, and HTML5 support.

Hardware Requirements for Windows 8-For Install Windows 8

 Windows 8 Logo.svg Windows 8 start screen.png
As of Windows 8 Release Preview, the minimum system requirements are the same as Windows 7 (except for CPU); these system requirements may change in the final release.
Minimum hardware requirements for Windows 8 Release Preview
Architecture IA-32 (32-bit) x86-64 (64-bit)
Processor 1 GHz (with PAE, NX and SSE2 support)
Memory (RAM) 1 GB 2 GB
Graphics Card DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver
Storage 16 GB 20 GB
To run Metro-style apps, a screen resolution of 1024x768 or higher is required to run one app at a time, and a resolution of 1366x768 is required to run two apps side-by-side using snap.

Windows 8-Editions Pro,Enterprise,and RT Editions

Windows 8 Logo.svgWindows 8 start screen.png

Windows 8
Windows 8 is the basic edition of Windows for the x86 and x86-64 architectures. This edition contains features aimed at the home market segment and provides all of the basic new, Windows 8 features including the Start screen with semantic zoom, live tiles, Windows Store, Internet Explorer 10, connected standby, Microsoft account integration, the Windows desktop, and more.
Windows 8 Pro
Windows 8 Pro succeeds Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate and is targeted towards enthusiasts and business users; it includes all the features of Windows 8. Additional features include operating as a Remote Desktop server, the ability to participate in a Windows Server domain, Encrypting File System, Hyper-V, and Virtual Hard Disk Booting, Group Policy as well as BitLocker and BitLocker To Go. Windows Media Center functionality will be available only for Windows 8 Pro, as a paid "Media Pack."
Windows 8 Enterprise
Windows 8 Enterprise provides all the features in Windows 8 Pro, with additional features to assist with IT organization (see table below).This edition will only be available to Software Assurance customers.
Windows RT
Windows RT will only be available pre-installed on ARM-based devices such as tablet PCs, and was named for the Windows Runtime (WinRT) development platform that Microsoft is introducing in Windows 8. It will include touch-optimized desktop versions of the basic set of Office 2013 applications to users—Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, and support device encryption capabilities. Several business-focused features such as Group Policy and domain support are not included.

Windows 8 -On Mobile -Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 (codename Apollo) is the next generation of Windows Phone, as officially confirmed by MS at an MSDN seminar in August 2011 and previewed at Microsofts 'sneak peek' at Windows Phone on June 20, 2012. The expected release date for this version is in Q4 2012.
Devices will be launched by four companies, Nokia, Huawei, Samsung and HTC and others include Lenovo and ZTE. All devices will be based on System on Chips from Qualcomm (Snapdragon S4 Plus). Current Windows Phone 7.x devices will not be able to run or update to Windows Phone 8 and new applications compiled specifically for Windows Phone 8 will not be made available for Windows Phone 7.x devices.


The following features were confirmed at Microsoft's 'sneak peek' at Windows Phone on June 20, 2012
  • Transitions to core components from Windows 8, including kernel, file system, drivers, network stack, security components, media and graphics support
  • Support for multi-core CPUs of up to 64 cores
  • Support for WXGA (1280×720, 1280×768) resolutions
  • Support for MicroSD cards
  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Background multitasking
  • NFC support added, including payment and content sharing with WP8 and Windows 8 machines (NFC is partially supported in Tango update, e.g. ZTE Orbit)
  • Native code support (C and C++), simplified porting from platforms such as Android, Symbian, and iOS
  • Simplified porting of Windows 8 apps to Windows Phone 8 (compatibility with Windows 8 Metro apps)
  • Carrier control and branding of "wallet" element is possible via SIM or phone hardware (Orange will be first)
  • Nokia map technology (Navteq maps with offline mode, turn-by-turn directions)
  • Native 128-bit Bitlocker encryption, Secure Boot
  • Remote device management of Windows Phone similar to management of Windows PCs
  • VoIP and video chat integration for any VoIP or video chat app (integrates into the phone dialer, people hub)
  • In-app purchases
  • Firmware over the air for Windows Phone updates
  • Minimum 18 month support of Windows Phone updates to WP8 devices
In February 2012, the tech-news site claimed to have been shown a Microsoft produced video for internal use where Joe Belfiore, senior vice-president and Windows Phone manager, revealed a number of features in Windows Phone 8. About half of these were confirmed at Microsoft's 'sneak peek' at Windows Phone on June 20, 2012. Listed below are features from the video that have not yet been officially confirmed by Microsoft.
  • Zune desktop integration scrapped in favor of new, unnamed syncing app
  • Deeper Skydrive integration, including ability to sync data such as music collections (confirmed by MS as part of Live wave 5 update)
  • Xbox Companion app will get Windows 8 partner client
  • App-to-app communication and integration
  • Camera app now supports "lenses", which allow third parties to skin and add features to camera interface
  • DataSmart tracks and reports usage via app and live tile
  • Gives preferential treatment to WiFi, can automatically connect to carrier-owned hotspots
  • Proxy server will compress websites in Internet Explorer 10 up to 30 percent
  • Support for proprietary, custom built apps to be deployed behind company firewalls

Box for Windows Phone

Sharing large or sensitive documents with co-workers and clients just became a lot easier: today Box released an official Windows Phone app for its popular file collaboration and storage service. Download it now
The free app makes it easy to view, share, edit, and comment on files. Since it’s designed for the office, Box also employs an app-specific passcode as an extra layer of security.
Finally, the new app offers some Windows Phone-exclusive features, such as slideshows and Live Tiles notifications for updated files. “We designed our app to really take advantage of this platform’s unique characteristics and capabilities,” the Box crew notes on its official blog. Check out their post for more details.
What Windows Phone apps do you use at work?
Box for Windows PhoneBox for Windows PhoneBox for Windows Phone

Windows 8 will be available on

October 26th, 2012! That’s right! Just a few minutes ago, Steven Sinofsky announced at Microsoft’s annual sales meeting that customers will be able to get Windows 8 – whether in upgrade fashion or on a new PC – starting on October 26th. Earlier this month at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Tami Reller told attendees Windows 8 would be available in October. But now everyone has a specific date to mark on their calendars. It’s on mine!

Windows 8 Release Preview

So when will folks be able to get their hands on the new Windows 8 RTM code?
People will be able get Windows 8 starting on October 26th either by upgrading for $39.99 or on a new PC or device. And if you buy an eligible Windows 7 PC today, you will be able to purchase an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $14.99 (U.S.) through the Windows Upgrade Offer.
However, we have a number of programs that provides various audiences early access to the Windows 8 RTM code to help prepare for Windows 8 as it enters the marketplace this fall:
  • August 15th: Developers will be able to download the final version of Windows 8 via your MSDN subscriptions.
  • August 15th: IT professionals testing Windows 8 in organizations will be able to access the final version of Windows 8 through your TechNet subscriptions.
  • August 16th: Customers with existing Microsoft Software Assurance for Windows will be able to download Windows 8 Enterprise edition through the Volume License Service Center (VLSC), allowing you to test, pilot and begin adopting Windows 8 Enterprise within your organization.
  • August 16th: Microsoft Partner Network members will have access to Windows 8.
  • August 20th: Microsoft Action Pack Providers (MAPS) receive access to Windows 8.
  • September 1st: Volume License customers without Software Assurance will be able to purchase Windows 8 through Microsoft Volume License Resellers.
Please note: if a program you are in is not mentioned, please be patient as dates for Windows 8 RTM code availability for other programs will be communicated when the information becomes available.
For more information on what the RTM of Windows 8 means for businesses including Volume License customers, see this blog post from Erwin Visser on the Windows for your Business Blog. This post, also from Erwin, on how Windows 8 will work in your business is also a good post to read.
On August 15th, developers will be able to visit the Windows Dev Center to get access to all the tools and resources they need including the final build of Visual Studio 2012 to design, build, and sell apps in the Windows Store. Keep your eyes on the Windows Store for developers blog and Windows 8 app developer blog for more information. I am super excited to see the kinds of apps developers build for Windows 8! If you have the Windows 8 Release Preview installed, you can already check out some apps developers have created for Windows 8 today.
In the meantime, if you’d like to give a pre-release version of Windows 8 a test-run, feel free to download the Windows 8 Release Preview! You can also read about my personal experience with the Windows 8 Release Preview here (hint: I put it on all my PCs!).

Windows 8 release in late October

Putting an end to all the rumours and speculations pertaining to the launch of the next generation Windows operating system, software giant Microsoft announced during its annual Worldwide Partner Conference that its next-generation Windows 8 operating system will be launched this October.
Although information pertaining to the launch of a desktop version of Windows 8 operating system is public, it is highly probable that Microsoft might also look at announcing the Windows 8 Mobile and RT versions alongside the launch of the desktop version.
It has been announced time and again that the upcoming Windows 8 will bring in the next level of integration for both computers and mobile devices making absolute sense for the launch of all versions simultaneously.
Microsoft to release Windows 8 in late October
As reported by BGR, Microsoft has confirmed that the Release to Manufacturing or (RTM) version of its operating system is on track to be released to partners in August, and that the final consumer version will be released in late October along with the first run of next-generation devices powered by the new operating system.
Samsung and HP have already revealed their plans for manufacturing Windows 8 devices and Samsung will be launching devices based on the Windows RT operating system in October.

Windows 8 Free download

For the Windows 8 fans among you, the Windows 8 Consumer Preview is now available for download; click the link below to grab the download.
Windows 8 Consumer Preview
The download comes as an executable tool, which will also check your PC for compatibility. Standard ISO downloads are also available if you wish to install on multiple computers.
Windows 8 Server Beta can be downloaded here.
Interestingly, this release is not called a Beta, but it’s the first hands on experience for general users. What’s your experience of Windows 8 so far? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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